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The Power of Pink

Doctors, nurses and staff at Sydney Adventist Hospital marked breast cancer awareness month at a special event on Wednesday.

Wearing various shades of pink, they gathered on the front lawn of the hospital where they were invited to fill out an acknowledgment poster to recognise someone in their life who has been affected by the disease, and to also pledge to get a breast screen by the end of October. 

Staggering statistics reveal that as of September, 50% of women aged 50-74 in NSW are behind on their breast cancer screenings.

“Breast cancer is something we have all been touched by in some form or another – we know someone who has had it. We’re asking our people and the community more broadly, if you are not up to date, please commit during October and book a mammogram,” said AHCL CEO Brett Goods. 

The event is part of a campaign being run by the hospital throughout the month titled Feel, Act, Know. The aim is to educate women to be aware of changes in their bodies, so they can take charge of their breast health and make regular screening a priority.

“By encouraging women to get screened, we can detect the disease at its earliest stages, increasing the chances of successful treatment and survival,” said Associate Professor Sandra Krishnan, Senior Consultant Breast Surgical Oncologist and General Surgeon.

Women in their 20s and 30s should schedule a breast exam every one to three years with their GP, while women in their 40s are encouraged to make it an annual habit to get checked.