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Former San staff member Esther Haslam marks 69 years of service

A good job is hard to beat, and in the modern age remaining with one employer for 69 years is almost unheard of.  
But that is the milestone Esther Haslam has achieved, recently honoured for nearly seven decades of service.

Esther began her career with the Adventist Church on the 19th of December 1954 in the UK at Stanborough Nursing and Maternity home in Watford.  

Years later she migrated to Australia and began working at the San in July 1967. 

“For the first seven years I performed clerical duties and then when the Clifford Tower was being constructed I worked for the Deputy Project Manager,” said Ms Haslam.  

Adventist HealthCare CEO Brett Goods paid tribute to her dedication and reflected that for many people she was the first point of contact.

“She was incredibly diligent and professional, and when you rang the hospital you knew who you were talking to and she also did it by the book, so when the CEO rang and said I am having trouble with the computer can you call an IS person for me, she would say to me, I need to page them and then when they ring me back, I will tell them to call you.” 

Former colleague Sandra Andrew echoed Mr Goods' sentiments.

“Esther was always very helpful and loved to share humorous stories with us. She was very attentive to detail and made sure the on-call rosters were up to date,” she said.  

Ms Haslam has now officially retired and is enjoying having some spare time on her hands.